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Chelate therapy for heavy metal discharge

Dr. med Karsten Ostermann/ MVZ-Teltow

Potsdamer Straße 48

14513 Teltow

Phone: 03328 - 45940

E-mail: info@bim-teltow.de

website: https://www.bim-teltow.de

Dr. med. Ulrich Selz

Bahnhofstr. 3 

85051 Ingolstadt 

Phone:  0841 - 88 55 4155

E-mail: kontakt@doktorselz.de 

website: https://doktorselz.de

Nutritional therapy/consultation:

You want to change your diet, but are unsure what is really good and right for you?

Are you also looking for nutritional advice that takes you seriously in your health concerns, responds to your individual needs and advises you above all from a holistic point of view?

Then you have come to the right place! Contact one of our certified nutrition therapists and let them accompany you and actively support you after a detailed nutritional history!

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