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be TOX free Book

A guide to gentle and sustainable detoxification!

Ideal for peoplewho want to take their health into their own hands and are looking for a real solution for many chronic diseases stemming from an increase in pollution and intestinal stress.

be TOX free Book

About the book

Environmental and endogenous toxins formed in the body are steadily increasing and often go unnoticed in the body thereby endangering our health. Nowadays they are among the main causes of chronic diseases and numerous related symptoms.

The role that the digestive tract plays in the formation and elimination of these pollutants is frequently underestimated. Therefore, the focus of this comprehensive guide is on healing the intestines through optimizing ones diet, strengthening the digestive power and improving ones individual nutrient status.

The author comprehensively explains how detoxification processes work in the body, what factors influence the detoxification capacity of each individual and which methods are suitable for detoxifying holistically, contemporary and effectively today. The book describes in detail how food can become your powerful therapy and nutrients your multitalented bodyguards!

You can expect a pool of knowledge from which both therapists and those affected by disease, and who are willing to delve deeper into the matter, can benefit. A guide for people who want to take their health into their own hands and learn what nutrition can do as a remedy - especially for allergies, food intolerances and the so-called incurable and chronic diseases.


„No one is immune to errors;

the big thing is to learn from them.“

(Karl Raimund Popper, philosopher 1902-1994)

Nadia Beyer, born in 1974, has studied Ecotrophology/nutritional Science and is the head of the Academy for Applied Nutrition (Carrots and Coffee College🔗, Hannover). Motivated by her own personal health issues, she has dedicated much of her life to the passionate pursuit and study of the connections between nutrition and health. Through her own nutrition and detoxification regime, she has cured herself of neurodermatitis, extensive food intolerances and several allergies. Today she passes on her extensive knowledge to others with enthusiasm and enormous commitment to her roles as an author, a lecturer, and above all, as a trained holistic nutrition instructor and therapist at her private academy. Her central goal is to help people to help themselves by alleviating chronic diseases through changes in their diet. Hers is a holistic, non-dogmatic, and comprehensive approach to human nutrition. It is up to date with the state of theoretical and practical knowledge and combines the latest findings of modern nutrition science with traditional nutritional teachings, all of which play a central role in her work. 

Autorin Nadia Beyer

About the author

Look inside !

Here you will find a reading sample of the book „be TOX free“ as a free download.

25 pages, incl. Table of contents that will give you a small first insight into the extensive and enriching material.

be TOX free eBook

"Benefit from the healing and detoxifying power of bitter herbs !“

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