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Ulrike David

Ulrike David

wrote on 07/18/18

[translated} „“Another detox book?” When a new trend concerning health and nutrition develops, I tend to view it with a generous dose of skepticism because too often trends are exploited for a "fast mark" and the media are flooded with often times questionable contributions on the subject. With "be-TOX-free" we receive a generous guide of 235 pages or can download it as an e-book. So, you can imagine that it is not a hip guide in the sense of "a few nice recipes for an easy detox " or something of the sort.

So what's in it? Certainly, a lot of work, a lot of knowledge, a lot of passion. For Nadia Beyer, it was a personal concern to write a guide that explicitly explains the connections between pollutants, nutrition and the development of often chronic diseases in order to offer a self-help approach to health. Now it is finally complete and of interest to all those who seek to delve deeper into the topic.

In fact, Nadia wants to shake up and sensitize her readers. She argues that no one can avoid harmful substances in our modern world. Numerous chronic diseases are due to the fact that our bodies are increasingly burdened with harmful substances. However, quality of life, according to her credo, exists only with a healthy vital body. Of course she is right. We sometimes forget how highly sensitive and complex our bodies are. We cannot influence many things in our environment, but we can decide whether to strengthen ourselves with what we eat and whether we help ourselves maintain or weaken our health.  It’s beneficial to know how to do that correctly! This book could make a lasting contribution to understanding nutrition as a priority for a consciously oriented lifestyle.

As a former graduate of the Carrots & Coffee Academy, I was able to remember much of what was once on the curriculum. I found it a great opportunity to repeat the substance in a different framework and to look at it from a new perspective. But of course Nadia's book goes beyond that. In her own conscientiousness and thoroughness, she has collected what science gives on the subject of detoxification. For all (holistic) nutritionists and therapists, "be-TOX-free" is a wonderful manual. But I would also recommend it to people who have an interest in the field and for those affected. 

... so, another book on how to detox? Yes, but namely one that has it all, that comprehensively enlightens and explains, a reference book for nutrition therapists and clever guide to self-help for those affected. Not a minute was uninteresting and complicated interrelations are well-explained.  My recommendation is to read it thoroughly from start to finish, even if it is sometimes quite demanding, requires concentration and I may have had to read some passages twice. The journey through the book is worthwhile and the topic is more relevant than ever!“

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